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Your Real Estate Investing Career Action Plan
Coaching Call
During this call we will create together your REI Action Plan ... plus!
This is your next step towards taking charge of your life and your success.
Your FREE Coaching Call is a 1:1 call where you and Liz or Laura will: 
  • Create a Crystal Clear Vision for the real estate investing success you
    desire (we will show you how to reverse engineer, set targets for prospecting activities and close ratios that will give you the income you desire.)
  • Discuss the # 1 challenge preventing that may be sabotaging your success (we'll pinpoint specific areas that cause breakdowns in the process so you can make immediate changes.)
  • Determine a clear plan of action to reach you long-term goals with your real estate investing business.
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If you are truly done with the struggle of getting started in real estate investing or really taking the business to the next level ... 

Our Students follow Our Step by Step Real Estate Investing Training 
and get amazing results:
Diane Johnson closed on her first wholesale deal in only 3 weeks and made about $8,500!
Karen Swinger followed our strategies and made $10,000 on her first transaction!
“I finally understand what it takes and have a machine that
is making me money while I sleep.”
David Mehler, Transformational Coach for Men
“Message to Millions saved my life!”
Jeanne Lecher, Spiritual Coach
... and don't forget!
We both know that
 you deserve more.
You can step up, take charge of your life and your success. You can have the income, impact, and lifestyle you desire.

We know some of you are struggling right now and doubt whether you can really pull this off. You doubt whether you should try something yet again.

We have helped hundreds of investors breakthrough in real estate investing and some of the common beliefs are:
  • Success in real estate investing is only for the lucky few;
  • ​Not having enough business know-how to truly succeed.
The problems are ...
  • You aren’t following a real estate investing business model that really works;
  • ​Having a clear simple step by step action plan;
  • ​A duplicatable system that is proven.
... so you can have greater income for you and your family, and a community of investors who want to help you and support you.
Are you ready to take charge of your real estate investing business and success, and truly own it? 

Are you ready to make the commitment to implement a proven system for reaching your goals, no matter what it takes?
The biggest reason you haven’t done this yet is because you haven’t pushed yourself (and your business) to the next level, because you don’t understand HOW. 

Not understanding the HOW keeps you stuck in the same place.

That’s where we come in. We can show you how to build a real estate investing business step by step around your life - not the other way around.
We are here to support you and help you succeed every step of the way!
~ Laura Alamery
Your Next Step…
We want to invite you to get started with a Coaching Call session. This is your next step towards taking charge of your life and your success.
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